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1999 Archives

Comic #138 Comic #138     2/12/1999
Home again. Arrival back at the ship.
Comic #142 Comic #142     2/22/1999
Repairs on the port fusion engine begin. How much trouble can it be to replace a section of pipe?
Comic #167 Comic #167     4/21/1999
Power! We have power! Or how to start a fusion reactor.
Comic #179 Comic #179     5/19/1999
These people have got to get their priorities straight.
Comic #183 Comic #183     5/28/1999
Lunch and bunnies.
Comic #199 Comic #199     7/5/1999
A gratuitous shower scene.
Comic #209 Comic #209     7/28/1999
Trip to “The Golden Trough”, the finest in bad cuisine.
Comic #226 Comic #226     9/6/1999
How to catch a deer. Sort of.
Comic #244 Comic #244     10/18/1999
Covering your tracks.