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Comic #1 Comic #1     3/30/1998
The adventure begins!
Fv00002  Fv00003  Fv00004  Fv00005  Fv00006  Fv00007 
Comic #8 Comic #8     4/15/1998
Doggy! First appearance of Florence.
Fv00009  Fv00010  Fv00011  Fv00012  Fv00013  Fv00014 
Comic #15 Comic #15     5/1/1998
Arrival at the ship. Repairs begin. Sort of.
Fv00016  Fv00017  Fv00018  Fv00019  Fv00020  Fv00021  Fv00022  Fv00023  Fv00024  Fv00025  Fv00026  Fv00027  Fv00028 
Comic #29 Comic #29     6/3/1998
The road trip to the abandoned colony ship gets underway.
Fv00030  Fv00031  Fv00032  Fv00033  Fv00034  Fv00035  Fv00036  Fv00037  Fv00038  Fv00039  Fv00040  Fv00041  Fv00042  Fv00043 
Comic #44 Comic #44     7/8/1998
Asteroids and other close encounters.
Fv00045  Fv00046  Fv00047  Fv00048  Fv00049  Fv00050  Fv00051  Fv00052  Fv00053  Fv00054  Fv00055  Fv00056  Fv00057  Fv00058  Fv00059 
Comic #60 Comic #60     8/14/1998
Arrival at the abandoned colony ship.
Fv00061  Fv00062  Fv00063  Fv00064  Fv00065 
Comic #66 Comic #66     8/28/1998
AIEEE! Radiation!
Fv00067  Fv00068  Fv00069  Fv00070  Fv00071  Fv00072  Fv00073  Fv00074  Fv00075 
Comic #76 Comic #76     9/21/1998
Fun with an open ventilation shaft.
Fv00077  Fv00078  Fv00079  Fv00080  Fv00081  Fv00082  Fv00083  Fv00084  Fv00085  Fv00086  Fv00087  Fv00088  Fv00089  Fv00090  Fv00091  Fv00092  Fv00093  Fv00094  Fv00095  Fv00096  Fv00097  Fv00098  Fv00099  Fv00100  Fv00101 
Comic #102 Comic #102     11/20/1998
A truck, a JATO rocket, and duct tape. Three great things that go great together!
Fv00103  Fv00104  Fv00105  Fv00106  Fv00107  Fv00108  Fv00109  Fv00110  Fv00111  Fv00112  Fv00113 
Comic #114 Comic #114     12/18/1998
Catch! The first appearance of Sawtooth Rivergrinder.
Fv00115  Fv00116  Fv00117  Fv00118  Fv00119 
Year 1999
Fv00120  Fv00121  Fv00122  Fv00123  Fv00124  Fv00125  Fv00126  Fv00127  Fv00128  Fv00129  Fv00130  Fv00131  Fv00132  Fv00133  Fv00134  Fv00135  Fv00136  Fv00137