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Art by others

This page was last updated on October 31, 2014. Pictures are posted in chronological order, with the latest pics at the bottom of the page.

Click on the image to get the full size version.

Link to the Jo's Ensign Kim directory.

Link to the Karno directory.

Link to the Little Dragon directory.

Link to the McMurry directory.

Link to Whitepony's site.

A sculpture of Sam by Genesis Whitmore. 26K.

 Link to the Genesis's home page.

Tammy tries to lick a stamp(© Andrew Thompson), Part 1. 49K.

Tammy tries to lick a stamp(© Andrew Thompson), Part 2. 48K.

 Link to Andrew Thompson's home page.

In space, no one can hear you hammer. By David Buttenshaw. 67K.

You can wind up in some strange places on a road trip, by Scott Kellogg. 9K.

A surefire way to get an audit, by Scott Kellogg. 21K.

 Link to the Scott Kellogg's home page.

A poster by Barclay Johnson, of Bigfella illustration. 109K

In a representation of Barclay Johnson's "New West", Florence takes on a different role. 152K

 Link to Bigfella Illustration site.

A picture by prolific Simon Barber. 24K

Kazuko introduces Florence to one of her friends. By Simon Barber. 36K

The death pool bet springs a leak. By Todd Little. 118K

Florence meets Lucy. By Bonnie Burchill. 73K

A small technical difficulty. By Alan Foreman. 32K

 Link to SSDD site. (Note: Some adult situations.)

Ian McDonald, creator of Bruno the Bandit drew Freefall on April Fool's Day as part of the great comic switch. 45K

Just picture Sam walking in, eager to show the instant camera he just found... "Hey, Flo! Check this out! *poof!*" Then Sam walking away kinda funny and Helix asking why he's walking that way and where the camera went... ;). By Bryce. 31K

 Link to Bryce's site. (Note: Some adult situations.)

Alan Foreman has his own views of who the cameraman was for Bryce's pic. 77K

Halloween can be a scary time. By Carrie Legault. 33K

 Link to Carrie Legault's site.

Florence and Laika at the beach, Part 1. 196K

Florence and Laika at the beach, Part 2. 152K

Florence and Laika at the beach, Part 3. 107K

Florence and Laika at the beach, Part 4. 191K

A less than perfect time at the beach with Florence and Laika, the super powered Soviet cosmodog. (Laika © 1999 by Barclay Johnson) By Barclay Johnson.

 Link to Barclay's site.

Barclay Johnson strikes again with this take off of Kenichi Sonoda's "Gunsmith Cats". Of course, Laika is © 1999 by Barclay Johnson. 142K

David Schumacher of Project Zebula contributes this piece of art. 12K

Ryan Hobbs points out a slight inconsistency in the timeline. (In reference to Freefall #125.) Ryan has his own site at: Sonic Boom. 89K.

Dr. Zap is still looking for something he misplaced. Dr. Zap is from the comic "Dela the Hooda". The archives of Style and Older's comic can be found at: Dela the Hooda. 38K.

Talkie Toaster returns after a substantial upgrade. This comic references Helix's first encounter with the Talkie Toaster in A tribute to Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf and all associated characters are creations of Mr. Grant and Mr. Naylor. This comic is by Matthew Prothero who has his own website at: Dreadzone. 64K.

Text Picture Ielfet In Freefall is a nifty short story written by Den Whitton. The characters other than the Freefall characters are created and (c) Den Whitton 1999. Stored in text format, this file is just 20K.

John Jones provides this photograph in response to the recent elk collision. Thanks, John. 91K

This link brings you to the Internet Cartoonists Halloween Crossover segment.

A beautiful picture by "Dusty"Rhoades, who draws the best looking motorcycles of any artist I know. 63K.

Alan Foreman of S.S.D.D. stikes again with Sam just being Sam. 82K. Note: S.S.D.D. is not for kids.

Bonnie Burchill has done a beautiful picture of Florence sitting. One day I may learn to draw half this well. :) 19K.


What happens when you fail to yield right of way, by Seven^3. Seven^3 draws his own sci-fi comic Portside


A very nifty ray trace of Helix by DCLXVI 29A.


Fun and diagnostics by Scott Kellogg of 21st Century Fox..


A picture of Florence by Jeff.

08/17/2001 A Flash animation of Florence walking by that master of the flash Alan Foreman. His site is at S.S.D.D., and does contain some items that are not for kids.

11/25/2001 A comic by Allan Ecker with some really bright flowers.

Allen has his own comic at Umlauthouse.

12/26/2001 A beautiful picture of Ruby, Florence, and Helix by Lady Redpaw.

And if you like the art here, she has her own site at Code Name Hunter.

A realistic picture of Florence by Christopher DeSantis.

Sam's current absence from the comic is explained by Eric N Luck.

Florence finds true caffinated love. A picture by Jeff.

First is Helix making a new friend, by Dan Tovar. Dan has his own site at Xhiliration

The next is a raytrace by Batty. Almost all the Freefall robots.

A FLASH dress up program by Alan Foreman. No, the base layer doesn't come off. Alan's site is at S.S.D.D., and does contain some items that are not for kids.

A Freefall comic by Maniac Wolfman. Maniac Wolfman has his own site is at Oh, The Humanity.

Art from White Pony. With a tip of the hat to Eric Schwartz, Florence finds her Easter Basket. White Pony's site is at White Pony Productions.

Still more art from White Pony. Florence finds out what Peeps really taste like. White Pony's site is at White Pony Productions.

"Meet Florence, the overworked Bowman's Wolf engineer of the intrepid space craft 'Savage Chicken' from the web comic Freefall. This sculpture is on a 4x6 base and the wall is about 4 inches tall w/ Flo about 2 3/4 inches tall. This was a gift for Wirewolf who visited me this week and we worked on this for about 3 days off and on. It is a much smaller scale than I normally use but time was a factor. I hope you enjoy."
A sculpture and words by Kathmandu. Kathmandu's web site is at:
Kathmandu and does contain some adult material.

A couple of folks are feeling neglected in the fan art category. This comic is by Jon "Datonel" Jennings, who has his own site at :


Florence awaits, two views of a sculpture by Kathmandu. Kathmandu's web site is at:
Kathmandu and does contain some adult material.

Which Freefall Character are you? Not your conventional artwork, but fits here better than any other place. This program was written by Spudley, who has his own site at Bad Puns.

A discussion on the forum brought up what some of the other Bowman's wolves are doing, prompting this sketch. Meet Ms. Sarah D'Wolf, one of the 4 rotating hosts for the daily PBS kid's show, Wild Tales. The drawing and concept are by Jay Brandt, who's own site is at : Porter.

The Frustration with Fribbles, a 3D picture by Mapper with Mzzkiti (© Bill Redfern), ZigZag (© Malcolm Earle), Sabrina (© Eric Schwartz)and Florence. More of Mapper's work can be found at: Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.


X-Villa has made a walk through of the ship "The Savage Chicken". The link takes you to the page where instructions are listed and the program and files can be downloaded.

Savage Chicken Walk Through.

A test rendering by Mapper using X-Viila's Savage Chicken model. More of Mapper's work can be found at: Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.

A color animation by Scott Kellogg that I am waaaay to slow on getting posted. This follows his "hypno dress" design in his comic : 21st Century Fox. This is the small version. To get the larger version, click here.

From Shadowcat, on the Star Wars Theme, the light side and the dark side.

A picture of Florence getting ready for her dinner with Winston, by Mlle Miaou. More of Mlle Miaou's art can be found at her own site of: Bilou's Corner.

Florence working outside in a hardsuit a raytrace by Mapper. In the background is the Pharsicle from Bill Redfern's Freighter Tails. More of Mapper's work can be found at: <Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.

A more Star Trek type uniform design by Lonefox. More of Lonefox's art can be found at: Lone Fox's Den of Art.

Florence as a viper pilot, by Mapper. The question comes up "Why would a space craft have air intakes?" Myself, I think it's to keep the space lanes clear by sucking in the space ducks. Nothing like a bird strike at .87 Light Speed to ruin your day. More of Mapper's work can be found at: Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.

What would you call a Bowman's wolf whom is bit by a vampire? Shadowcat has some fun with the thought and Halloween.

Breakfast in the café, by Mapper, a place where folks can go for their morning coffee and dog biscuits. The characters are Mapper (Behind the counter), Mzzkiti from Freighter Tails, Florence Ambrose from some comic I can't remember, Zig Zag (By Malcolm Earle), R.C., Sabrina (by Eric Schwartz) and Blackrabbit (also by Malcolm Earle) from Sabrina online. More of Mapper's work can be found at: Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.

Flo makes the mistake of delivering to a military installation. Bowmans wolf + 30 ton battle mech = BIG TROUBLE. More of Mapper's work can be found at: <Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.

The MST3K treatment of the Lord of the Rings, by Emile Khadaji. More of Emile's humor can be found at: Farce Comics.

A Helix ornament by Batty. Merry Christmas, everyone! More of Batty's work can be seen at: Den's Page of Stuff.

Silent Lynx Freefall Christmas Freefall Christmas: A Christmas Flash Animation from Silent the Lynx. More of Silent's work can be found at: Silent's Cartoon Studio.

Mapper is having a little fun with what some of the other Bowman's wolves might be up to. In the military, we find Josephine. Not sure of her exact rank, but she considers herself the Alpha. Don't worry about the sidearms, these are vintage sucker dart guns (aims for the optics) that she uses to ward off charging bots screaming Doggy. More of Mapper's work can be found at: Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.

Sam, Helix, and Florence, with Florence wearing her most reflective shoes ever. This picture is by Anthony Sarkasuo from Finland.

A different but logical way of portraying a wolf whistle. This drawing is by Keil.

"Kiss me, I'm Irish", drawn by Shadowcat. Florence doesn't look bad with green hair.

Another picture by Anthony Sarkasuo. One day, I will learn how to draw this well.

Spring. When a young wolf's fancy turns to thoughts of...surfing! This picture is by Christopher C. DeSantis.

Anthony Sarkasuo has made this beautiful summer desktop picture for Freefall. Resolutions are in 800x600, 1024x768, and 1600x1200.
800x600     1024x768     1600x1200

Silent Lynx Freefall Animation Silent Lynx's Freefall animation: An extensive Freefall animation and music from Silent Lynx. More of Silent's work can be found at: Silent's Cartoon Studio.

  Scott Kellogg wondered what kind of suit Sam has for a back up in case his normal suit malfunctioned. He'll be fine unless he runs into the Doctor. Scott's comic is at: 21st Century Fox.

Anthony Sarkasuo has come up with this interpretation of what our intrepid space captain looks like without his suit and "bones". Isn't he cute?

Flo Helsing. Wolves love a good stake. This picture is by Anthony Sarkasuo who described it as "Flo shows what goth means." :)

Top Engineer. Anthony Sarkasuo's highly detailed picture of Florence in a space suit.

Another picture by the talented Anthony Sarkasuo. A more truck like view of the Savage Chicken.

Caffeine Rush by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

A more detailed view of the Savage Chicken with Pwan's (Anthony Sarkasuo) own interior.

The tight spaces that engineers have to get in to. Also by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

Summertime fun in the sun by Shadowcat. BALL!

Emile Khadaji wanted me to wait until the space walk to post this one. He sent the picture to me in December. I don't think he knew the wait was going to be quite this long. Thanks, Emile. More of Emile's humor can be found at: Farce Comics.

Perhaps Florence took to Sam and Helix's suggestion to become space pirates a little too well. This picture is by Kynan J. Andoetoe.

Marino "Griffure" Ceccotti, who provides the French translation of Freefall, made this drawing to note a fast approaching number. Griffure, thanks for everything. His home page can be found at: Griffure.

Lone Fox has done a picture of Florence as Piret. He has also restarted his comic Lord Fawlk, which will update Tuesdays and Thursdays..

Ångström greets Florence with cis-Jasmone, a molecule from the odoriferous principle of jasmine and other flowers. Not so beautiful to *see* but lovely to scent --> so a good gift doggie-to-doggie. Ångström is the creation of Breno, Though you may need Bablefish if you want to read the Portuguese text. Breno also handles the Portuguese Freefall site.

A toast by Keil for making it to comic 1000.

And a 1000 picture by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo)

A render of the Asimov, by Ashe.

For "Talk like a pirate" day, a one eyed sea dog. This picture was drawn by Shadowcat.

An unlikely meeting with the cast of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy crew". But who's to say what is likely with an Infinite Improbability drive? This picture was drawn by Griffure.

Not a real comic award, but an amazing simulation drawn by Maniac Wolfman, who has his own site and comics at Oh, the Humanity!. I would rate his comic Hellbound at strong PG for messy cartoon violence. The characters appearing in his poster are: Bimbo (Exploitation Now), Ranke (Spells and Whistles), Monica (Wapsi Square), Buxom Gal (Supermegatopia), Monica Furious (Monica Furious), Sarah Zero (Sarah Zero), Ellice (Chugworth), Gwen (Catharsis), Reka (RPG World), Yuuki ( Sparkling Generation Valkrie Yuuki), Monique (Sinfest), Juno (Star Cross'd Destiny), Jo (Altermeta), Aeris (Vgcats), Florence (Freefall), Nen (Mine's Bigger), Otra (Girly), Wendy (Wendy Comic), Mel (Hellbound)

11/2/2004 From Joe Christiansen. A few folks have wondered what some of the other Bowman's wolves are up to. This is his take.

Girls with guns, and now, wolves with guns. This picture was drawn by Orange Wuffie, and I've been informed the gun is a SteryAUG.

This jaw dropping drawing of Florence in a dress is by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo). 161K A high res version is at FloGown.

Helix in 3D Helix in 3D: by Darkwolf Urukai, rendered from Swift3D, and presented as FLASH. 682 K.

Florence as Elektra, by Shadowcat. Elektra is © by Marvel Comics.

A face off between Sam and Florence, and a quick resolution. The artist is Jason Meador and his site is at: Jason. The site does contain some R-rated material, which is kept separate from the general audience pages.

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine. Idea is by Emile Khadaji. This is the start of a series of ideas by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo). Pwan has his own on line comic, Weapon of Choice.

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine two, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine three, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine four, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine five. This continuation of the idea is by Jo.

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine six. This continuation of the idea is by Jo.

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine seven, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine eight, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

Things not to do when dating a speaking canine nine, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

 A two parter, sort of. The first part is Bill Redfern's rendering of a classic Doctor Who villain, Davros. The creator of the Daleks. Little Dragon picked up on this theme, and rendered what might happen should a certain space captain hot wire the chair and take it for a joy ride while Mr. Manic-Obsessive is off in the shower. Bill Redfern's site is at: Freighter Tails and Little Dragon's site is at: Renderosity (Little_Dragon's home page).

Ray traces of Florence with a frosted glass look by X-Viila. Works well for guardian statues. X-Viila does the web comic Downspin, which though on hiatus, the archives are still available.

Bonus comic by Kathy Garrison. Kathy is the creative force behind Magpie House Design, which is currently running her comics "Carry On" and "The Legend of Anne Bunny". In addition to running her own farm, Kathy also a frequent contributor to the Cross Time Cafe.

A Celtic styled Florence by Darc of Code Name Hunter.

Florence and Helix as drawn by Bill Redfern who does Freighter Tails.

Florence as an Aztec goddess. A close up of the picture in the background of Hellbound by Maniac Wolfman. Maniac Wolfman's main site is at Oh, the Humanity!. I would rate his comic Hellbound a strong PG for language and cartoon violence.

Helix reactions by Kathy Garrison of Magpie House Design. Moggians are from Bill Redfern's comic Freighter Tails. The Hog lady is from Kathy's own comic "The Legend of Anne Bunny", which is linked from her main site.

A 3D render of Florence at work, by Porter. Full picture and close up for detail.

Florence meets the Porter. Porter is the avatar of the gentleman who did the previous ray traces.

Poetry in motion, or at least .gif format, by Peri-Dorcas Concinnia.

The Savage Chicken, by Star*Fighter..

Who says you need to be in the arctic for canine powered fun? Just need an office chair and plenty of space. Brakes not included. This ray trace is brought to you by Porter.

Porter made this picture of Florence with her coffee a couple days ago, but he let me delay it a little to go with today's comic.

Alan Foreman of S.S.D.D. did a walk cycle of Helix. Looks pretty good to me.

AAAHHH! Naked Sam! This picture is by Gilda Rimessi (aka Sans Souci) who draws the comic THE SINNER DRAGON. Some Mature content, so no direct link.

Florence drawn in Anime style by White Pony. White Pony's site is at: White Pony Productions, and he also draws (with the occasional help of others) the Cross Time Cafe.

Anime Florence by Pwan. Beware the eye searing colors!

Freefall 1165. The almost kiss. Allan Ecker gives us his representation of how things might have gone a little bit differently. Allan draws his own comic over at Umlauthouse.

Would you buy a used car from this alien? A updated suit for Sam by the talented Pwan.

Another picture by Pwan of Winston and Florence. Most risque picture to date, link leads to a warning page.

Sam Starfall on the run. A chasing crowd can't be far behind. This animation is by Alan Foreman of S.S.D.D..

Sam Starfall, after heroically rescuing some dead presidents held captive in a villain's pocket. This picture is from the 'Intermission' series of drawings by Ronald MacKinnon of Plugged Nickel fame.

From Freefall 1249, Sam falling down a cliff. Alan Foreman, who did this animation, also draws the comic S.S.D.D..

How do you get your captain to exercise? Provide the right motivation. This comic is by Imgran (George Peterson).


"You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by."

Winston and Florence, as drawn by Lone Fox. Lyrics from "As Time Goes By".

An example of testing limits. She knows she's not supposed to be on the couch. Drawing by Lone Fox.

As drawn by Lone Fox, Florence with a bit more stability than her current stance.

Standard rule for using big wrenches. Tighten until it breaks, then back off one half turn. This big wrench (and Florence) is drawn by S'Zero Alaris who also draws the comic Final Sunrise. For violence, I would rate this comic a strong PG, just barely below R.

Luckily, Sam was using a borrowed hand for this event to keep his little squidly tentacles intact. This picture is by Chris Smith who draws his own comic, A Roo'd Awakening.

Florence grooming. A work in progress by Pwan, who probably doodles better than I can ever draw. :)

"Marigold decided to drink a cup of coffee outdoors. She realized the terrifying mistake to do so when behind her, Florence turned into a caffine-thirsty vampire chose to pounce on her pot of freshly-made coffee." Marigold is the creation of Chris Smith who draws his own comic at: A Roo'd Awakening.

They eyes have it. A Halloween comic from the talented colorist George Peterson.

When your emu gets hungry, it helps to have a few cans of this handy. A comic by George Peterson.

 A musical theme for Florence by Erik McClure, programmer, composer, photographer. Erik's home page can be found at Blackhole.

8/6/2007  Tuyu presents a picture of Florence on vacation. She's made a new friend.

8/13/2007  A video montage of the "Lost in the storm" sequence. Original music by Erik McClure, editing by Lionheart, and color by Menne.

11/5/2007  Andrew Kok found a familar face wandering around his back yard.

Florence on a rooftop, by Alan Foreman. I was a bit slow on getting this one posted, been spending too much time at work. But back to the point, thanks for the picture, Alan! Alan's site is at S.S.D.D. and does contain some items that are not for kids.

 Inspired by the rendering by Little Dragon, Old Wolf has done a very nifty video of the Caramelldansen. For those who want the translation, it's here.

 For Christmas. Mistletoe, brought to you by Runo.

 I'm very slow on getting this one posted. Sleepy Flo, as a human, by Pwan. Sorry for not getting this up sooner.

 Florence thinking in a railroad station, a render from LionkingCMSL. For side notes, the red and green lights are from the signals. If you read the schedule information it is based on an ex-Reading (pronounced redding) Railroad line out of Philadelphia.

    Several more renders by LionkingCMSL. Florence playing volleyball. Florence in a briefing room, and payday.

Sometimes you have to get while the getting is good. MzzKiti is from Bill Redfern's comic Freighter Tails. The render is by Mapper and more of Mapper's work can be found at: Fur Affinity. Use caution at this site.

Don Miller, Jr.'s (Otherwise known as LionkingCMSL) has written a Freefall fiction story involving a meeting with his characters on the ship 'The Lion's Den'. There are two versions. The version where he changed the characters to fit more in the Freefall world, and the original characters. Rather than presenting just one or the other, both versions are listed here. The Lion's Den on the planet Jean and The Lion's Den on the planet Jean (Furry version).

Don Miller, Jr.'s (Otherwise known as LionkingCMSL) continues with his characters adventures on the planet Jean. The Lion's Den on the planet Jean and The Lion's Den on the planet Jean (Furry version).

  Xcentrikz has posted an interview with the boring guy who draws Freefall.

Don Miller, Jr.'s (Otherwise known as LionkingCMSL) continues with his characters adventures on the planet Jean. This chapter follows Altaica on the planet Jean.

  A picture of Florence Ambrose by Lonefox.

  A close up, by Lonefox.

  A summer uniform for Florence, by Lonefox.

   Sam on a sled. Christmas ornament modification by Kathryn Kellogg who does the comic Carry On. Thanks, Kathy.

  A picture of Florence sitting, by Lonefox.

  Of Wolves and Cast Iron (PDF format). A story inspired by Freefall, but not related to Freefall. (Setting is the writer's own creation.) Written by James Onscotch. Also available as Of Wolves and Cast Iron (DOC format).

  A realistic painting of Florence in microgravity by Victor Wren. Victor's homesite is at Pony Home Studio.

  By Lonefox, Florence in her blue dress.

    Alan Foreman has been sharing his sketchbook with me, and has given me permission to share it with you. The first two are of the Junkyard Robot and Edge. Alan's site is at Poisoned Minds, and is a very good writer as well as an excellent artist.

    More pictures from Alan Foreman's sketchbook. Alan's site is still Poisoned Minds.

    More pictures from Alan Foreman's sketchbook. Alan's site is still Poisoned Minds.

    More pictures from Alan Foreman's sketchbook. Alan's site is still Poisoned Minds.

  A more cartoon version of Florence, by Lonefox.

  Florence in her yellow dress, by Starfyter.

  Sam (who feels he does not get enough artwork), by Lonefox.

  Florence at the table, staring at Sam, or perhaps someone else. By Lonefox.

  White Pony (From the Cross Time Cafe and Florence. This picture is by Samantha Robinson, where you can see more of her work at Samantha Robinson's Deviant Art Site. Special thanks to Tiger_T for this picture.

  From Cerberus, a different view of the classic 1984 Apple Macintosh ad. He also does the Spanish Translation for Freefall. Cerberus, once again, thanks for everything.

  A sign from Soylentsnax, displaying why you should leave food bowls lay where they are. Soylentsnax has an art site at Inquisitiveclay.

  Also from Soylentsnax, twitter in the days of the old west. Soylentsnax's art site is Inquisitiveclay. White Pony is © Scudder Kidwell and is at the Cross Time Cafe.

  A new painting from Soylentsnax. Freefall in a steampunk setting. Soylentsnax's art site is Inquisitiveclay.

  From Matthew Mueller, a piece called "Crash". Matthew Mueller's site is at: DeviantArt.

  Fits well in the Halloween theme with a simple way to remove a problem. Art by Soylentsnax, and his site is at Inquisitiveclay.

  Scudder Kidwell, who runs the Cross Time Cafe comic, did this rendering of Florence.

   A model of Florence and Helix by Solentsnax. Soylentsnax's art site is Inquisitiveclay..

  Florence by Rae Bruner. Rae does two comics, Faulty Logic and Dissonance.

  Tom Fischbach who does the comic Two Kinds has done several drawings of Florence. A little more risque than she is normally portrayed, nothing is showing. Still, to be on the cautious side, I'll list these as Not Safe For Work. Tom is an absolutely amazing artist and his Deviant Art page is here.

  Tom Fischbach who does the comic Two Kinds has done several drawings of Florence. This is one of his sketches, complete with Helix Vison. To be on the cautious side, I'm still listing these as Not Safe For Work. Tom is still an amazing artist and his Deviant Art page is here.

  Tom Fischbach who does the comic Two Kinds has done several drawings of Florence. This is an older one which I now have permission to post. Still listing these as Not Safe For Work. For more of Tom's incredible artwork, his Deviant Art page is here.

  Kathy Garrison presents us with a picture of the Land Sqid and friends in his natural ennvironment. Kathy does her own comic of Carry On.

  Florence in work mode by Banderi. For more of his art, Baderi has a Deviant Art account at Banderi-Fursec.

  NSFW: Florence stepping out of the shower and finding her rubber duck by Dark Natasha. This piece was commissioned by Earl McClaw. More of Dark Natasha's artwork can be found at her site of Dark Natasha.

  From Evan Fawcett. If at first you don't succeed in cracking a system, use a bigger hammer.

  From Mason Ponsonby, An album cover for non robotic listeners. For more of his art, Mason has a Deviant Art account at mjponso.

  From Ty Fraser, A certain wolf working in microgravity. Ty Fraser also has a Fur Affinity page at Voidrunners.

  From Scudder Kiddwell, a very well done 3D spinner of Florence in costume for his "Spirit Onsen" project. For more of his art, Scudder has a Deviant Art account at s-white-pony-kidwell as well as running the Cross Time Cafe.

  From Devin and Owen Ward, a Freefall alignment chart. Devin and Owen have given a tip of the hat to Know Your Meme, which like all memes, are contagious. Thanks.

Sit Tight, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo). Don't let your fingers get too close if you want them back.

Florence having a nice cold drink on a hot day. This artwork is by Starfighter.

Florence working on Pop Rivet's truck. Artwork by Starfighter. Color and inks by Sockmonkey.

  From the college years, where Florence learned humans like the color blue. Doesn't work quite so well as a fur color. Artwork by Starfighter.

Devin Ward, who says "Since Halloween involves getting free candy from random strangers while trying to be as scary as possible, it is the perfect holiday for Sam Starfall!"

Even in caveman days, there were engineers. Artwork by Starfighter.

Qwerty and Dvorak show an interest in schematics. Computer people like fast women. Artwork by Starfighter. Starfighter has a gallery at Furaffinity.

Fan service. 'Nuff said. Artwork by Starfighter. Starfighter has a gallery at Furaffinity.

Referencing back to this comic, Florence shows that covering up is cultural rather than physical. Art by Starfighter. Starfighter has a gallery at Furaffinity.

Who wants some pie? At times of drift on Freefall Forum, the ranges go from "on topic" to "pie". And it seemed appropriate for Thanksgiving. Starfighter has a gallery at Furaffinity.

A Christmas picture with Florence and a really big candy cane by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

The waiting is the hardest part. A story by Uranium235, in which I am remiss in taking far too long to get this up and posted. Available in several formats. With conversion help from T. Wells.

How to head off trouble, by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo). I'm pretty sure this violates the warrenty. For the really big version, Headoff 730K

Another wallet for the collection, courtesty of Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

You're not fooling anyone, Sam. Another fine picture by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

Run, Florence, Run! This picture came in from the cold courtesy of Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo).

In Pwan's picture, Florence comes out on top.

Bow before the man. Dr. Bowman in all his simian glory. Another great picture by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo) who captured his pose and expression perfectly.

The cold never bothered me anyway. By Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo) who makes very cool pictures.

Covering several topics at once, a bit of an Eve motif, the proper use of fig leaves, and even a bit of green for Saint Patrick's day. This is by Starfighter who has a gallery at Furaffinity.

3D printed artwork by EccentricOrbit. This was done on a Makerbot Replicator 2X using Pixologic Sculptris.

Florence in maintenance mode by Pwan (Anthony Sarkasuo). Complete with raptor foot office chair.

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