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All artwork on this page has been rendered by Little_Dragon. More of his artwork can be found at Renderosity (Little_Dragon home page).
Florence Render2a Florence-Render2a: One of Little Dragon's first renderings of Florence. 66K
floback Florence, back view: A back view of Florence in a T shirt. 57K
flopool6 Poolside: Florence tries to tempt Whitepony into a swim. 55K
postcard Postcard: Postcard sent from the pair on the beach. 69K
flohelixvison Helix Vision: A rendering of Florence, courtesy of Helix Vison. 104K
FloRaider FloRaider: The start of a series of video game inspired renderings, two ladies compare the caliber of their weaponry. 116K
FloRaider FloRaider2: An addendum to the above, now with more guns! This adaption of the previous pic brought to you by Ccdesan. 46K
FloDevil FloDevil: The Devil may yip! 201K
FloEvil Rent a dent Evil: Who knows what evil lurks in the back of your refridgerator? 164K
FloAngel FloAngel: From video games to a more spiritual clime, all dogs go to Heaven, and most wolves do too. 149K
FloDevil FloDevil: But if you can't make it to Heaven, there's always Alcapulco. 201K
FloConscience FloConscience: The questions of good and evil weigh heavily before morning coffee. 177K
FloBike FloBike:
I broke a thousand hearts, before I met you
I'll break a thousand more baby, before I am through
I wanna be yours pretty Pony, yours and yours alone
I'm here to tell ya "horny", that I'm bad to the bones
Bad to the bones
Bad to the bones

(with apologies to George Thorogood, who doesn't deserve this). 196K
FloAssemble FloAssemble:
Some Assembly Required.
Batteries not included.
Instructions sold separately.
Allow six to eight weeks for delivery.
Contents may settle during shipment.
Use only as directed.
You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.
Insert Slot A into Tab B (see Diagram C).
All pictures are for illustration only.
Retain packaging in the event of a return.
No user-serviceable parts are contained within.
If you cannot read these instructions, find someone to read them to you.
Do not use while sleeping.
Note: May accelerate to dangerous speeds if dropped from orbit.
Seat cushion is not an approved flotation device.
CAUTION: Contents may include subatomic particles.
Do not open if seal is broken.
WARNING: Product will be hot after heating.
For indoor or outdoor use only.
Keep clear of swinging steel blades.
REMEMBER: Objects in the mirror are actually behind you.
Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
And have a nice day.
FloHitchhiker FloHitchhiker:
Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for some salvage
And whatever comes her way
Yeah Florence go make it happen
Face the world with a doggy's grace
Dismantle Helix just once
And send Sam into space

I ran out of petrol
Guess I made a blunder
Chasin' after cats
I suppose it is no wonder
Yeah Florence go make it happen
Hitch a lift with a doggy's grace
Fix all of those turbines now
And blow Sam into space

Like a true nature's child
She was born, born to be wild
But while time may fly
She'll have to ... walk

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

(With apologies to Steppenwolf, who doesn't deserve this, either) 170K
TieDyed Tyedyed!: Little Dragon's artwork of Easter with White Pony and eggs and dye. 146 K
FloXmas 2003 Florence at Christmas Time: Thanks to:
Bill Redfern (for the 3D model of the Pharsicle)
plazio and 3-D Arena (for Florence's holiday outfit)
DAZ (for the sleigh, toybag, and Odie the Reindeer)
Laurie S (for the winter backdrop)
nikitacreed (for the holly)
Chemical Brother (for Penny's glasses)
Studio Maya (for Penny's hair). 269 K
Valentine Valentine: Little Dragon's Valentine's day rendering of Florence and White Pony. 280 K
FloRacer FloRacer: Time to get in some biking while summer is still here. This render is by Little Dragon. 117 K
Flo1000 Comic 1000: Sam, Helix and Florence mark comic number 1000.
Beret FloBeret: Florence in a beret from the French Ninja Resturant.
Batwolf Batwolf: Batwolf! Wolfgirl! Batwolfgirl! Florence in a Batgirl costume for Halloween.
Freefall Halloween Freefall Halloween, Low Res: The gang’s all here. Freefall cast, and Marmoe and White Pony from the forum. First picture is the low res version, second one is the high res.
Freefall Halloween Freefall Halloween, High Res: The gang’s all here. Freefall cast, and Marmoe and White Pony from the forum. The high resolution version of the previous rendering.
Walkies Walkies: Helix walking K9 from Dr. Who. Though considering the difference in maturity, perhaps it should be K9 walking Helix?
florence7a.mpeg Florence7a.mpeg: A 360 degree rotation of Florence. 573K
transform04.mpeg Transform04.mpeg: "Even a lass who is pure in heart and drinks her coffee right, may become a wolf when her shift resumes and the second moon is bright ..." Little Dragon 271K
flotalk.mpeg Flotalk.mpeg: The voice is via a synthesizer, and the rubber ball is in reference to the standard Unicorn Protection Device (This idea showed up first in "Childproof the Unicorns", by John Robey). The Whitepony referred to is the same one in the Art By Others links. 549K
florun.mpeg FloRun.mpeg: Field testing a new jumpsuit, Florence Running animation. 270K
Samwalk03.mpeg Samwalk.mpeg: An animation of Sam walking around the corner of a building. 1 M
Sparkler.mpeg Sparkler.mpeg: For the Fourth of July, Florence with a sparkler. 475K