X-Viila's Savage Chicken ship walkthrough.

I've made some good progress, and here's version 1.2. New stuff:
* Bugfixes
* Overstep option in viewer.cfg to fix black lines (see docs and comments in the config file)
* AVI animations (try the lift or the eject button ;) )
* 3 new locations
* 1 updated location
* More compatibility options in viewer.cfg

Old users note that only the main program has changed and needs to be redownloaded.

Links to full download:

main program (650 kb)
hires texture pack (8.01 MB)
lowres texture pack (4.01 MB)
AVI pack (2.06 MB)

Installation and operating instructions
Get the main program and either texture pack. Unzip them into same directory. The AVI pack is optional. Run viewer.exe

Arrow keys and mouse controls.
Activate action (an icon will appear on the screen) with either space or any mouse button.
ESC quits.

Misc, legal, whatever
Freefall related stuff (C) Mark Stanley,
program, graphics (except obvious exceptions), and adaptation by me (X-Viila/Toni Ylisirni÷).

Program, graphics and 3D models are by me, Toni Ylisirni÷.
I can be contacted via email: tylisirn@multi.fi

You can use the program freely as you see fit. You may redistribute the program using the original zip files and with all files intact.