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FREEFALL  The grayscale version

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Color by George Peterson.                  Freefall updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Florence with a cute little uplifted lizard thing called Sirenidae. The lizard things are organic with cybernetic brain implants that raise them up to human level intelligence. A.I. meets A.I. This drawing is by Foxenawolf. More of her artwork can be found at Foxenawolf on Furaffinity.

Freefall is provided courtesy of Tugrik.


Robot 1: When our nuclear pulse facility was needed, efficiency was king. We wanted everything to be as efficient as possible.
Robot 2: Then we were no longer needed.
Robot 2: We had no purpose.
Robot 3: We began to see there was more than our facility. We began to discover the pleasure of finding things out.
Robot 1: We want life to be efficient.
Robot 2: Just not so efficient that it takes all the fun out of it.

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