This story was written and drawn by:

Mark Stanley who produces Freefall

Paul Gibbs and William Reid Redfern who render Haul Trek

Jeff Paige who knows Aaron and Mir

Darren Bleuel who does Nukees

John "The Gneech" Robey, and his Suburban Jungle

Storyteller Picture by William Reid Redfern of Haul Trek

Introductory song from Red Dwarf by Rob Naylor and Doug Grant.

Dr. Forrester from MST3000, by Best Brains Productions.

People on the beach: Page two, Frame Two (Left to right)

Chris Foxx by Chris Yost

Sabrina by Eric Schwartz

Ozy and Millie by Rain Simpson

Tiffany and Yin by Gneech

Dust Puppy by Illiad

Tony and Cindy by Vincent Suzukawa

Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook

Dela by Style Wager and Greg Older

Frame Three (Left to right)

Cecil and Jack by Scott Kellogg

Liska by Richard Matheson

Snowbuni by Jeff Wood

Boe by Ryan Smith

Tiffany and Yin by Gneech

Zig Zag by Malcolm Earle (Warning. Not for kids.)

Zonie by Mike McMurry (Not on line yet.)

Norman by Alan Foreman (Warning. Not for kids.)

Sam by Thomas K. Dye