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The first Picture I have drawn and put on the web.

I used a pencil to draw it, then I scanned it. (image on the right).
The picture shown on the left is colored with water-colour. 

The picture on the left I have draw after an example of "SAMUEL JIRENIUS ACCIPITER".

Here I have used once more water-colour for doing the coloring. The line I have drawn with an water proofed marker (Edding). Ok, not that professional ;), but if I had used indian ink it would have taken longer cleaning the table than make the drawing.

Oh, yes... my first attempt to draw a real animal picture. 

The photo that I've used as an example was send to me some time ago, I liked it so much that I tried to draw it as realistic as I could. 
I used an normal pencile to draw it, but I really needed very long for it!

My first attempt to draw a FreeFall picture myself. I think I have to learn much more. 
I think that I better leave the drawing to Mark Stanley.

I drew it by hand on a sheet of pager, then I scanned it and composed it on the PC.


Here I tryed to color a Sarbina Online Comic strip. 

I tryed to make it that way, Eric Schwarz did the coloring on strip 100. So I used this strip as a palette for that one you can see on the left. Now I know how much work it is to do coloring the way Eric does.

This is a small program of mine. It is a puzzle programm, quit nice if you have nothing to do for a while. 

So you can load every picture into the game and puzzle with it. There are also several options like a grid, a pattern dialog, a display showing time and moves needed, different field sizes and so on.... 

I used Visual C++ to create it. If you are interested in the source code, just mail me.

Another  "realistic" animal picture. 

It's funny, for me it is easyer to draw a realistic picture than a picture with only a handfull of line (like comics).
The picture is drawn with a graphite-pen I got from my art teacher. (the paper is also from my teacher ;)
For the picture I used a photograph of a tiger as a pattern. 
The drawimg took me nearly 15 hours (the scanning took 1 and 1/2 hours ;)

Hm, ok that's all...


Page and art  by Michael Menne