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Sabrina On Line:
Drawn by Eric W.Schwartz. The first Online Comic I have read, and I must say, it is one of the best!
On Eric's site are also other great drawings, you should have a glance on them!
Attention: There are adult scene on Sabrina Online. 
German Version
Spanish Version
Russian Version

Danish Version

French Version
Free Fall:
Drawn by Mark Stanley. I think you should know this comic! After all, you are on the FreeFall Color Archive!
Be sure to visit his site! On the one hand he draws the strips at the other hand he has some more stuff on his page. 
German Version
Norwegian Version

Polish Version
Haul Treck:
By Bill Redfern and Paul S. Gibbs. One of the best looking online-comics on the web.
This comic inspired me to start with FreeFall Color!
The Suburban Jungle:
Drawn by John Robey. This comic is in part colour.