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Color by George Peterson.

Freefall in color by many folks.


Niomi's messages home: Day Twelve.
Time for another remass. A pod has dispersed a cloud of iron dust in front of us and we'll be using magnetic scoops to gather it up.
The method is called "Spray and pray", heavy on the pray. The cloud is moving slower than us. The dust slows us down as we gather it. A two for one deal.
Some ships are so good at this that they can arrive at their destination at the proper speed with a full tank.
Sam Starfall's ship is not expected to meet that level of precision.
To impress his critics, all we have to do is not crash into the station.
(Description) Reusable pod. Effectively an unmanned ship.
(Description) Direction of travel.
(Description) Dust cloud spread over 60 million kilometers.